Figure 1.

Total food imports into the Central American countries, 1990–2005. Note: "Food" includes animal meat (bovine, swine, sheep, poultry); fish; animal products (e.g. dairy products, eggs); vegetables; fruit; cereal grains; flours; raw nuts & seeds; fats & oils (some appear to be for industrial use, but are not split out for this spreadsheet); processed meats; sugar; cocoa beans & derivatives; cereal foods (processed); preserved foods (esp. vegetables); food preparations; non-alcoholic beverages. It excludes: live animals; inedible animal products (e.g. hair); plants, cut flowers etc; coffee, tea, spices; seeds definitely for planting etc; gums & saps; vegetable material (inedible); vegetable waxes & residues; alcohol & alcoholic drinks. Source [15].

Thow and Hawkes Globalization and Health 2009 5:5   doi:10.1186/1744-8603-5-5
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